Clean & Safe

Clean & Safe


Clean & Safe | Apartment Welcome Madeira

Everyone’s health is our priority!

Dear Guest,


In this new phase, Welcome Madeira Apartments, located in the old city of Funchal city, aims at ensuring that we are totally committed to receive our guests with maximum security, in order to guarantee their well-being and the well-being of our teams and partners. Everyone’s health is our priority!


In compliance with recommendations from the Directorate-General for Health, the World Health Organisation, and Tourism of Portugal, measures have been taken through the “Clean & Safe” stamp in order to ensure that our services comply.


This is the responsible way of keeping our services running, protecting our guest, team and supporting communities.

Mandatory security measures for employees, partners and guest:


Fever Monitoring | Apartments Welcome Madeira 

Temperature Measurement
Please accept temperature measurement at arrival. We will not register.




Use of Mask | Apartment Welcome Madeira


Use of Mask
Use protection mask when moving around in all indoor common areas.




Desinfect Hands | Welcome Madeira


Sanitization of Hands
Sanitise your hands. There are hand sanitisers placed in common areas and spots in all apartments.




Keep Your Distance | Welcome Madeira


Safety Distance
When possible keep a two-metre safety distance from other guests and staff.




social Conduct


Social Conduct
Avoid, whenever possible, close contact, handshakes, kisses and sharing of food, utensils, glasses, bottles and towels or others.




Respiratory Tag | Apartments Welcome Madeira


Respiratory Tag
Coughing or sneezing onto your fluffy forearm or using a tissue, which should then be immediately thrown away.




Use Official Information | Welcome Madeira


Intern Protocol
Carefully read the intern protocol regarding COVID-19, and follow the basic prevention and infection control guidelines for COVID-19 including hand sanitising procedures, respiratory etiquette and social behavior.


If you have symptoms | Welcome Madeira

If you have symptoms:

If you, a familiar or a friend has any symptoms should remain at apartment and contact us and the SNS line: 808 24 24 24.
Our customers who experience symptoms during a service out of apartment should inform the guide / driver and, subsequently, also contact the SNS line and, in case of impossibility of service, they should go to their accommodation and contact us.

Suggestions | Welcome MadeiraSuggestions:

Any suggestions should be forwarded by email to the address

Exceptions or non-compliances to the measures defined and contained in this protocol will not be tolerated.